This time I am writing and dedicating to that one person who made me relive this beautiful life. He makes me feel the emotions of life that I had almost lost. The feelings which I have buried somewhere and didn’t want them to return back in my life, the sense of happiness that had faded away from life.

The first time I met him was a very simple and casual meet. I was married and was not allowed to talk to any other man who does not belong to the family. I don’t know who made all these rules and regulations in the society so called “MYTHS OF SOCIETY “.

Married for 6 long years gave me a number of traumas and shocks. Be it cultural or lifestyle or for that matter any other aspect. I still remember the day when I was sitting on the bench of the garden and he just appeared. The day when I could finally shared my pains with a man who was not really known to me. I don’t know how I kept on saying all the things which were buried in and never came out.

Nature did it all, somehow somewhere u meet the souls who are connected to you may be from past and you just don’t need to pretend to be someone else in front of them, u can just be yourself. What really matters to them is you…your soul and nothing else, no society, no one…just you.

I didn’t even notice that it’s been 3 hrs and I was continuously speaking and the man besides me was sitting and listing to me without questioning me anything, I just paused and look into his eyes that moment make me realise that this soul have some connection with me, nature has send him to protect me, to live my life like a free bird and not like donkey who gets order every time from his master.

We started sharing our talks, likes and dislikes and eventually I starting resuming the strength of living my life again. It was not a matter of time which I spend with him ,not the way he look and I got attracted neither any materialistic thing which make my mind to think and come closer to him. It was a feeling, emotion and connectivity which very few people attract from the other soul.

The last day of my stay and I was nervous that I have to go back and have to live the same robotic life, with no feelings and lots of pressures to make it sustainable for future, but this time a simple cosy hug from him explains everything, the feeling when u are surrounded by so many myths of this artificial world and that time a hug which hold you tightly and the feeling of completeness came within you. Sometime no words can do what that simple gesture of hug does to you.

Just assume the time when no one is there to stand with you in the whole world and that person has full confidence in you, that very confidence I have seen in his eyes which gave me strength yes I can do it and can live again the beautiful life.

Nothing is require to live a beautiful life. No money, no diamonds, no jewels are require to live a beautiful life. The only thing require is love, faith, confidence, respect and the courage to stand with each other no matter good time or bad. Just by saying I love you, one can’t win the heart of other, and one has to live for other. Learn the beautiful theory of love form nature. Trees loosing the leaves every autumn but never get worried because they have faith in nature that one day new petals will grow, That’s called faith which we have to built in any relationship to live, don’t afraid of anything give your best love with your complete intensity, because in love there is no promises, no betting and no expectation and most important no fear of losing someone.

People do not enshrine love for the truth they chase after wordly affairs instead. Who so ever live with you in bad times are the one who deserve to live and enjoy the best time of your life with you.

And that’s what that man did for me, he stands with me in my tought time of my life and we deserve to be with each other now and forever. Search the one who can sparkle smile in your life, with whom you are just yourself, for me he is the one but u never knows what nature have for you in its treasure box. Live your life; don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it….










World will move the way you want it to move that is called Inner Peace

Inner peace plays a vital role in everyone’s life, fight for it and attain it. It’s within you, you have to change the prospect and your perception to have inner peace in you. No one in this world can help you to attain its YOU who can help.

Focus on the things that make you happy , like a kid playing in mud with all his hands full of it, feeling the smell of wet mud and not thinking of what is going to happen next because he is enjoying the moment that moment which will never come back!

Think of small droplets of rain dropping on your face, on your eyes, on your hands everywhere, but if you have fear of getting wet you won’t able to enjoy that moment… Live for it which give you happiness.